Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ordered to Grow Beards

Today, Al Qaeda-linked Islamist authorities in southern Somalia have ordered men to grow beards and shave off mustaches, officials and witnesses confirmed. In order to ensure the complete implementation of the Islamic sharia law in the region, Al Qaeda called upon all men to grow their beard and shave their flavor savors.

Those who ignore this "call to grow," will be punished accordingly. This might seem like an extreme law to implement, but if you have visited Williamsburg, Bushwick, Greenpoint, Lower East Side, Webster Hall, Bowery Ballroom.... beards & facial fuzz are everywhere... slowly taking over the faces of our loved ones.

We're not complaining & we cannot imagine how many more beards and 'staches we'd see if there was an actual ordinance to not shave.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How Strong Is Your Beard?

Ever wonder how strong your facial hair is? Want to put it to a test against this guy?

See how he does it here:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Beardexting While Driving

This #proveit edition comes from:
- Wisconsinite Joshua “I like to keep it real” Wieters (aka @Jowie85).

I don’t know if he was tweeting with me AND taking pictures to #proveit while driving or if this is a stock photo from the past when he was taking photos and driving… in either case, we know you want to #proveit hard, but you gotta be safe bro, we may want that beard-y goodness of yours around for the concluding Decembeard #proveit edition.

When he’s not endangering fellow drivers in WI, or sporting killer staches, Joshua takes pictures of serene nature in WI… great stuff and can be found on here.

Keep your eyes on the road and your ‘it’ real, man, we’ll be around.

"Go Beard Or Go Home!"

My friend Matthew from the band Transatlantic FM recently confirmed that he will play in the upcoming 2010 Beard Ball (I promise... details soon... patience!). In speaking with him, he confirmed that his band is willing to play for free - with all proceeds going to charity - so long as we kept the Beard Ball to beards-only.

See Matt's argument here:

Hi Riss,

I only ask that people with mustaches and goatees be prohibited from entering the Beard Ball.
Let me explain:

You see, the mustache and goatee are the fanny- pack and visor of the facial hair world.

1. Fanny-packs: if you have a lot of stuff to carry; get a backpack. If you don't; just put it in your pockets. There is no reason to have a fanny- pack.

2. Visors: either wear a hat or wear a headband. There doesn't have to be a middle option for this.

Shave everything or shave nothing. Go beard or go home!

Well, Matthew, as much as we would love to hire my 6'7" brother to work the door & instill this rule, we're open to all sorts of facial hair creativity. We don't judge at B-A-B... o.k. that's not entire true... but on this night.... let us remember.... if you're judging, you're not loving.

It's for charity for Christ's sake!

2010 Beard Ball

It's coming.... to Greenpoint....

February 2010.

Check back for further details in the upcoming weeks.


We have received yet another awesome #proveit submission all the way from the left coast. Meet Tim Widmer (@tkwidmer) a theatre wannabe/geek hoping to get a job, which is highly unlikely (considering the Website he listed on Twitter doesn't work) so he's going to rack up more debt in grad school.

Nice beard & camouflage cut-off!

'Stache Love

Gents, take note - most women are either fascinated (or repulsed) by your facial hair statements - pending your creativity. While other ambitious ladies take it upon themselves to show you what they like....
PS: I adore you Nicole (featured on left)

Monday, December 14, 2009

#proveit -- Stop Motion

Here at Build-a-Beard, we want to encourage the beardo community to opine, so that to tap in to the #proveit quality of every facial fuzz sporting man out there... that said, stop motion proof is always welcome, wanted, and accepted with open arms.

Today's #proveit champion is Ben (or @okbeatnik) from Tulsa, OK, who documented the growth of an awesome beard for 2 months worth of competition at work. Apparently there are about 5 days left to go in the competition...we are behind you Ben, onward and upward!

Also, sounds like a swell place to work, beard competitions and all... any openings?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Soul (Patch) For Sale

Recently, Michael Iaconelli put his sexy soul patch up for public auction via eBay. Bidding for the facial hair ended on December 3rd (with the highest bid resting at $405.00)... and those at Build-A-Beard are still scrambling to find out who won the whimsical whiskers. All proceeds did go to New England Center for Children, a nonprofit that specializes in the treatment of autism.

Read more at: ESPN.

As always, B-A-B supports the trend of growing it for worthy causes. #saynotoshaving

$ Movember Total $

In the U.S., $2.8 million was raised for cancer research. Amazing job to all who grew, supported, donated or even made us gag (see below).

Way to go Movember!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Credit Goes to You, sir

In this economy everyone is worried about their credit score, the possible loss or theft of identity, piling up credit card bills, late the credit card payments and of course the associated rates that drain our finances without fail each month… as such we here at Build-a-Beard wanted to provide our readers with a safe, trusted and hairy option of whom to trust in this turbulent environment.

As you can see, the beardo below used to swim in credit card debt, but he was able to lower his interest rate and get help with his monthly payment dates… he never thought that he’d be able to pay down his credit card bills, but he was able to join thousands of Americans who have gotten out of debt… and so can you.

**Claims in this pop-up ad are not substantiated or verified by Build-a-Beard**

Monday, December 7, 2009

The New Year Resolution Beard

As we get deeper into the holiday season, we here at Build-a-Beard encourage you to endorse our petition (official petition not included) for support of facial fluff for all mankind (we take the ‘man’ part seriously)… This year, please consider making growing a BEARD your failed New Year Resolution.

Due to this cynicism, we always have to stand up, recognize and support those brethren that are indeed fighting the good fight, sticking to it and following up/following through. So... Hello, unkempt, mega beard that's been around since January 1st, 2009, and the 20 y/o NYU student, with interests in Stockholm, that you are attached to. We salute you!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beard Head!

It's December in NYC and it is freezing, but whether you're sporting a clean face (ew) or rockin' out with some beard love... one needs protection from the elements... and what better force to protect your facial hair (or fake like you have it) then the Beard Head. Yes, you read correctly - the Beard Head.

For just $29.99 you can purchase a knitted beard face in numerous styles, colors & cuts - pirate, lumberjack, etc (or our personal favorite - the yellow viking).

Check out: and place your holiday order now. PLUS there is also a pink beard for the ladies.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Beardexting... like sexting, only hairy and more legal

Do we accept texting of facial goodness here at build-a-beard? If you know us, sure! If you know someone who knows us and asks them to text your newly trimmed beard while out drinking with them in Brooklyn? Why... the hell... not?

This BK beardo says he hasn’t used a razor in 4 years! Well done, nameless beardexting stranger. Let’s get to know each other, I like your flannel…

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stroke It - Before You Text It

Our friends at Beard Revue brought to our attention that our bearded brother, James Lipton is now starring in Give It A Ponder by LG. (Side: click that link - no, seriously - it's a beard that speaks to you - and there is nothing cooler than a beard talking w/o a face who strokes his own damn facial hair).

The best video of the bunch:

Bravo TV Video - Big Ass Red Beard

Proving It

That's right, today's #provedit comes from Dorsey Shaw. This Air America Radio Video Content Manager has a pretty intense stare and a fast response time via Twitter.


Note: Fullness, tweaked ends and flavor savor.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Celebeardity (See What We Did There?)

Last night, James Eugene "Jim" Carrey tweeted at us and not only that - called us a bastard - because we plan to steal his beard emoticon :)} (genius). Up to this point, we have neglected the Canadian-American actor and stand-up comedian's scruff, but no longer.

Here's our proof and formal request to Jim -- We want to interview your beard! What inspired you to grow? Do you enjoy being on Jim's face? Do the ladies love you? Etc. Etc. Have your people call our... humble staff.


(PS: We still admire your work from the In Living Color days, btw).

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

VaynerMedia - Now Is The Time To (Grow Beards)

It was brought to our attention by our staff writer and friend, Russ Marshalek, that the employees at VaynerMedia were rocking some p-r-e-t-t-y sweet facial hair persuasions at Gary & AJ Vaynerchuk's office. #crushit

And although the highly talented Gary has been saturating our airwaves and personal NYC island with ways to "cash in on your passion," he is not crushing it when it comes to his beard. In fact, he should prob stop concentrating so much on how to help others "build brand equity," and start concentrating on ways to grow a 'stache.... or even some scruff! #crushitFAIL


Lucky for him, B-A-B decided to interview the bearded fellas that make the day-to-day run smoothly for his brand consulting agency with a penchant for social media. Special thanks to Sam Taggart who submitted his fellow employees, but did not participate. Wonder why?

So without further ado...

Title: Web Developer (VaynerMedia)
Random Fact: I've had some kind of facial hair since my senior year of high school.
Worth Noting: When I do shave, I use a 1940s Gillette Aristocrat Razor.
B-A-B Thoughts: We like the way you shave, Caleb. No, seriously - we're highly impressed with the choice in your instrument. *raises martini glass to you or odd cup of yellow substance as in the picture below.

Name: Marcus Krzastek
Project Manager (VaynerMedia)
Rockin' It For A Cause: Protest of Turkish non-recognition of the Armenian genocide.
B-A-B Thoughts: We're not sure what lil' project is happening on your face, specifically below your lip, but you're definitely not managing it. Also, the sweater... dude... come on it's 2009.

Name: Matt Sitomer
Chief of Staff (VaynerMedia)
View Askewniverse Fetish: First grew the beard so I could be Silent Bob for Halloween in 2004, and everyone told me to keep it.
B-A-B Comment: Respect points on the Kevin Smith love, but you need to get that beard thicker and grow it over your upper lip. Also, stop posing like it's MySpace.

Title: CTO (Cork'd)
Why You Want To Sleep With Him: I dream in German
B-A-B Comment: Winner!!! We heart your pirate look - bonus points for the perfectly tweaked ends - although we had to look past your almost-too-much-asymmetrical-haircut, odd bathroom background, and shameless use of iPhone.

Twitter Pic Of The Week

It may only be Tuesday, but @GoGoGadgetSupa is our Twitter default of the week! If you know someone with a killer facial hair picture - send him (or her... it happens... sadly) our way.

Keep it growin'!


Tiger Woods - Join US!

We don't need to report on Tiger Woods' recent headline news, but it is interesting to note that Mr. Woods has an endorsement deal with Gillette - our mortal enemy - among Nike, Accenture, AT&T, American Express and others - totally more than $100 million annually. More importantly, as this recent blog post by Heckler Spray points out -

"If we can't trust Tiger, then what are we going to do with our faces? We'll have to grow beards, that's what. We hate beards. Damn you, Tiger Woods."

Gillette users - your days are numbered. Welcome to the bearded side.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The. Best. Font... Ever!

Do we even need any words? Are any additional talking points necessary? We will just like to say... Wow, where have you been all my word-processing life!?!!

Thank you to, the one and only, Shirley Brady for Tweeting us the link (!!!