Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Go Beard Or Go Home!"

My friend Matthew from the band Transatlantic FM recently confirmed that he will play in the upcoming 2010 Beard Ball (I promise... details soon... patience!). In speaking with him, he confirmed that his band is willing to play for free - with all proceeds going to charity - so long as we kept the Beard Ball to beards-only.

See Matt's argument here:

Hi Riss,

I only ask that people with mustaches and goatees be prohibited from entering the Beard Ball.
Let me explain:

You see, the mustache and goatee are the fanny- pack and visor of the facial hair world.

1. Fanny-packs: if you have a lot of stuff to carry; get a backpack. If you don't; just put it in your pockets. There is no reason to have a fanny- pack.

2. Visors: either wear a hat or wear a headband. There doesn't have to be a middle option for this.

Shave everything or shave nothing. Go beard or go home!

Well, Matthew, as much as we would love to hire my 6'7" brother to work the door & instill this rule, we're open to all sorts of facial hair creativity. We don't judge at B-A-B... o.k. that's not entire true... but on this night.... let us remember.... if you're judging, you're not loving.

It's for charity for Christ's sake!

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