Tuesday, December 1, 2009

VaynerMedia - Now Is The Time To (Grow Beards)

It was brought to our attention by our staff writer and friend, Russ Marshalek, that the employees at VaynerMedia were rocking some p-r-e-t-t-y sweet facial hair persuasions at Gary & AJ Vaynerchuk's office. #crushit

And although the highly talented Gary has been saturating our airwaves and personal NYC island with ways to "cash in on your passion," he is not crushing it when it comes to his beard. In fact, he should prob stop concentrating so much on how to help others "build brand equity," and start concentrating on ways to grow a 'stache.... or even some scruff! #crushitFAIL


Lucky for him, B-A-B decided to interview the bearded fellas that make the day-to-day run smoothly for his brand consulting agency with a penchant for social media. Special thanks to Sam Taggart who submitted his fellow employees, but did not participate. Wonder why?

So without further ado...

Title: Web Developer (VaynerMedia)
Random Fact: I've had some kind of facial hair since my senior year of high school.
Worth Noting: When I do shave, I use a 1940s Gillette Aristocrat Razor.
B-A-B Thoughts: We like the way you shave, Caleb. No, seriously - we're highly impressed with the choice in your instrument. *raises martini glass to you or odd cup of yellow substance as in the picture below.

Name: Marcus Krzastek
Project Manager (VaynerMedia)
Rockin' It For A Cause: Protest of Turkish non-recognition of the Armenian genocide.
B-A-B Thoughts: We're not sure what lil' project is happening on your face, specifically below your lip, but you're definitely not managing it. Also, the sweater... dude... come on it's 2009.

Name: Matt Sitomer
Chief of Staff (VaynerMedia)
View Askewniverse Fetish: First grew the beard so I could be Silent Bob for Halloween in 2004, and everyone told me to keep it.
B-A-B Comment: Respect points on the Kevin Smith love, but you need to get that beard thicker and grow it over your upper lip. Also, stop posing like it's MySpace.

Title: CTO (Cork'd)
Why You Want To Sleep With Him: I dream in German
B-A-B Comment: Winner!!! We heart your pirate look - bonus points for the perfectly tweaked ends - although we had to look past your almost-too-much-asymmetrical-haircut, odd bathroom background, and shameless use of iPhone.

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  1. The larger your beard is, the greater your prowess at computer.