Friday, November 20, 2009

Facial Stats and Metric Facials

Dear Beardos, heed my word... While we are winning the battle of facial hair adoption, we are losing the war of beards vs mustaches vs goatees.

Wahl Clipper Corp. has crunched the numbers and did the math (Shocker 101: a beard trimmer maker putting out a study on facial hair growth) and here are their results:

64 million proud men nationwide sport facial hair for at least part of the year (YAY!). The goatee tops the facial hair ranks with 25 million (really?). The mustaches cashed in on 17 million men (and god knows how many women)… but our favorite, the beard, only mustered 13 million brave souls this year...

So gents, what are we doing wrong?! You have to ask yourself, are you with us or against us? This guys gets it, and is ready to rumble… are you?

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