Sunday, November 22, 2009

On the road: Beards of Pasadena

Being on the road in lovely Pasadena, California over the weekend, we sought the opportunity to post the inaugural Build-A-Beard’s west coast excursion photo-bonanza extravaganza. With the Pasadena population hovering around 150k, how could we not find enough of our own to result in a pictorial?

This centerfold (named such because the photos being centered, duh) includes a dozen of hairy, warm-blooded and open minded gents who don’t need much introductions. Some are passing through; others are permanent residents of the City of Roses, but all of them are out and about getting down with their facial fluff all around town.

While the order was informally determined by perceived overall surface area and length, please do not look at this as a ranking, rather only as a salute. This first shot, found on the campus of Caltech, represents an idealistic view of our kin: Integrity, Creativity, Tenacity...

As a side note, through this exercise we have found that there is no better ice breaker than asking strange men to take a cellphone photo of their chin... our results of this endeavor are below.

Thank you all for participating... rock on, and keep on rocking those kickin' styles!

Do you want to send us your own facial hair hunting excursions? We would love to hear from you! Tweet at us or comment your hairy heart out.

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