Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Goatee: Best of the Worst

We've blogged about beards, 'staches, and tonight we're going to closely examine the best of the absolute worst - otherwise known as - the goatee. A goatee, ladies and gents, is a beard formed by a tuft of hair on the chin or other interesting variations. Fun fact: the word originated from the tuft of hair seen on an adult goat. (Don't tell me this blog isn't educational).

Here are a few submitted to us - the best of the worst:

Exhibit A: The Fire Crotch Graduate

Exhibit B: We're Glad This Is Only An Upper Body Shot

Exhibit C: I Puked On My Keyboard (No, seriously, I did)

1 comment:

  1. Well,it's easy for you to whine how horrible these are when we cant see ur own pic can we?
    Beards/goatees are damn SEXY, plus they can express both man's confidence & sense of humor - which both YOU seem to lack, no matter how funny you think you are writing... Useful hint for you: don't leave ur day job ok?