Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Combing Is Not A Chore

With the holidays fast approaching, a nice stocking stuffer sure to make your bearded warrior smile is a comb specifically designed for his facial creativity. Not only a practical gift for your hairy loved ones, but also a polite way to say... keep it clean & comb it. Note: This will also help you relax into the conversation of when it is - and is not - appropriate to whip out the beard/'stache comb. Perfect example of combing excess & grooming fail: Example A.

Our trusted B-A-B staff put in one Google search of effort and discovered that a wide-tooth comb works best to remove bearded tangles, but feel free to follow it up with some brush strokes for total overall smoothness.

Additional suggestions are below - all which can be purchased: here.

The Show Off

The Basic

The Wide-Tooth

The Morning Cup Mustache Stroker

Not Recommended For Use at Breakfast Table

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